XANDARR: Second planet in Fortean-Nena system. Arid world less than a forth of a light year from League space populated by the House of Xandarr in 00000ax. A large, arid world, Xandarr had no sizable oceans, just a collection of small saline and freshwater lakes fueled by the River Torr, the largest source of water on the planet. It had seven moons.  Xandarr was the seat of Xaphan power in the early days of the League/Xaphan conflict and was the usual staging point for attacks made on the League. The House of Xandarr fell badly out of favor with the Black Hat sisterhood and was a frequent target of their wrath. In 03862ax, the Black Hats tried to kill ALL life on Xandarr and use it as a warning to any who might try and cross them—the plan was thwarted.  In 03977ax, Xandarr, under the leadership of King Balor I, formally joined the League. Xandarr Prime is the largest city and seat of government.

XANDARR 44: Sect of 44 ex-Black Hats who were freed from the grip of the Black Abbess in the early stages of the Black Hat attack on Xandarr. They were rescued by the Elemental carahil diamondSpirit Carahil and sheltered by Balor I, the king of Xandarr. Afterwards, they formed a sect, living in a large villa near the town square in Xandarr Prime. Each member of the group is assigned a number from 1 to 44, with Queen Zoladerra being #1. They wear a stylized necklace embossed with their number.

The Xandarr 44 played a key part in protecting the planet from the various factions seeking to forcibly return it to the Xaphan Empire, most notably, the warlike House of Sorrander and the Baroness Camilla of Sorrander who coveted the planet for herself.

XAPHAN WALL: Database of Xaphan warlords, socialites, criminals and ordinary  citizens who have been authorized by the Sisterhood of Light for asset seizure, arrest and assassination.

XAPHANS: 1)—The original Xaphans were five huge space-borne creatures the size of small planets who replaced the dying Elders. Like the Elders, they required starlight for sustenance, but, unlike the Elders, they were very greedy all would consume all of it, sharing with none. Some Blue Elder-Kind Great Houses, feeling lost and without purpose as the Elders died off, defected to the Xaphans and began serving them, soaring the stars ever looking for new suitable ones of them to consume. Nylax, the last Elder, implored the remaining Elder-Kind to stop them, the fight the Xaphans and defend life, which they have done ever since. The Xaphans rewarded their servants with an endless string of illusion and mental pleasures.

The Five Xaphans are: Ergos, the largest and their leader, Loviatar, a “female,” Lethin, Zust and Deluum.

Frustrated by the newly realized “League” the Xaphans and their servants engaged in a long and mostly unsuccessful war. They invested a great deal of their energy is creating last legions of small, nimble star ships. Technologically inferior to the League, they often found themselves on the losing end.

Their chief issue was a lack of information, as the League was generally successful in keeping their servants, who were poor, disinterested starfarers, from keeping them updated on new star locations to feed on. The League was success in luring Lethin and Zust to a remote star system that keep them satisfied. The remaining three attempted the EMBETH GAMBIT, where they invested a huge amount of energy creating a massive armada of Ghome and X-O class ships to launch in one gigantic mass. They hoped that the League, heavily out-numbered would try to stop them, believing that they would be overwhelmed. The League came, but, with help from the Triumph, defeated the armada, destroying virtually all of them. Slowly running out of energy and humiliated, the servants began fleeing to nearby system, leaving the Xaphans to whatever fate awaited them.

Princess Marilith of Xandarr, came to them with a bold plan. Discovering a strange weapon called the Zero Weapon, she hatched a plan to ambush the League and destroy their Stellar Fleet. The Zero Weapon played upon a failsafe device built into the League’s main weapon, the canister—the Zero Weapon would cause them to instantly detonate. Seeing promise, Ergos managed to convince Lethin and Zust to leave their energy-rich system and join them in a system called Mirendra, where they would create a large fleet to face the League, screened by the Zero Weapon.

The First battle Mirendra was a huge success, destroying a fair amount of League STRAYLIGHT vessels, the remaining ones retreating and going into hiding. To their surprise, the League massed their remaining fleet for a Second Battle of Mirendra, and, seeing total victory in sight, the Xaphans confidently massed their huge fleet. To their horror, the League vessel SEEKER somehow destroyed the Zero Weapon, and, able to use their canister missiles, annihilated their fleet. Out of power and stuck in orbit around Mirendra, a star unable to sustain all five of them, they began slowly staving, Delum dying first. Assisting Captain Davage in the freeing of Sygillis temple in Metaron, Davage argued for their assistance to the Fleet Admiralty. Relenting, the League built them a new, energy-rich star where they fed, satisfied and no longer a threat.

2)—Colloquial name given to the Blue Elder Houses that defected to the Xaphans in 00000ax. They served the five Xaphan creatures for years. In constant war with the League, their struggle became “personal” even as the Xaphans themselves became less and less relevant. Powerful, strong in the Gifts and with an axe to grind, Xaphan sects were a constant threat to the League, the most powerful being the Black Hats, the Cult of the Exploding Head, and the, now extinct, Fanatics of Nalls.

copyright 2015, Ren Garcia

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