DAEMONESS: Xaphan designation for a biographer of various notable people in Xaphan society.

DARE, HOUSE OF: Barrow: Fashionable House from the city that bears their name, the Dares were usually trend setters in the League, other vying with Vith Great Houses for the privilege of kicking off new fads, or improving upon old ones. Their family fortune is based on fire-arm production, specifically, the prolific SK pistol used by the Stellar Marines.

There are many Houses of Dare in and around the Dare region of Barrow. The Houses are designated by Order, the lower the Order number, the might highly ranks the House is.

DARK MAN, THE: A concentrated Shadow tech totem, the Dark Man can be created only by the Black Abbess of the Black Hat Sisterhood. Singular of purpose and utterly evil, the Dark Man totem requires a huge amount of Shadow tech to create (usually more than a single Black Hat can create in her lifetime). The Black Abbess maintains a place called the Black Cloister. All Shadow tech females killed in her “church” are taken there, beheaded and kept in a sort of unlife where they continue to create Shadow tech. With such a supply, the Black Abbess usually has enough at any given time to create a Dark Man.

DATABASES:  There are numerous databases used throughout the League to archive general and detailed information.  All databases are carefully monitored by both the Science Ministry and the Sisterhood of Light.  There are many database networks at work in the League, but the largest are:

Holo-net:  Network used on Kana.

Archen-net: Network used on Onaris

Bazz-net: Network used on Bazz.

P2: Network used on Planet Fall and Tubruk.

Royal Hoban Network (RHN): Network used on Hoban.

DATA TEMPLE: (DTH) A data temple (or Data Temple Holo) is a presence on the various databases throughout the League. They can be large or small and are designed to perform commerce, information exchange and many other functions. Larger, more elaborate data temples can be programmed to actively defend against holo attack  and other hostile activity. A “Wheelbug” is a dangerous protection that can destroy hostile equipment including injuring the user.

Davage, Lord of Blanchefort (Carol Phillips)
Davage, Lord of Blanchefort (Carol Phillips)

DAVAGE, LORD OF BLANCHEFORT (03005ax–) (STR, SI, W) Vith: The son of Sadric, Lord of Blanchefort, Davage was a famous Vith lord who became a captain of the Fleet, a man of great reputation. Davage was the first to successfully tame a Xaphan Black Hat, whom he later married (Sygillis of Metatron). His ability to helm a starship is legendary.

DE LA ANDERSON, TAARA, LT (3160ax–) (–) Bazz: A troublemaking sprite from the Dyson Clampton region of Bazz, Taara de la Anderson was thrown out of home as a child by her parents who could no longer control or bear her. Constantly in trouble for stealing and other petty crimes, she was finally incarcerated and shipped off to the 110th Stellar Marines by the local Magistrate in the hopes of instilling some discipline in her. She was not well-liked by her fellow Marines and was relegated to pointless guard duty at Fleet Headquarters, where she could be hidden and do no damage. A chance encounter with a strange man wearing a mask and a Hoban Royal Navy coat changed her life for the better. As a private, she eventually became the first officer of the Seeker, the third Marine to do so. With Lord Stenstrom of Belmont and Josephus, Lord of A-Ram at her side, Taara found herself at last and became a loyal and valued friend.

DEATHLOKK: Gun (House Rostov)The DEATHLOKK is a long rifle that, even among LosCapricos weapons, is controversial. The user of a DEATHLOKK is, according to legend, able to “Call the Shot,” meaning the user need merely state the name of the person they wish to shoot, and the bullet fired from the barrel will find the stated target, even if he be thousands of miles away. The victim may be fully protected by obstructions, such as a tree, rooftop, etc, also the victim, if struck, may or may not be killed, merely wounded. If it can be proved that a bullet comes from a DEATHLOKK, the firer may be prosecuted if murder was the intent.

DEE: City in the Calvert area of Kana that originally was located south of the Withelwell River within the perimeter of the Great Armenelos Forest. Known for its vices and used as a staging area to launch raids on the Sisterhood of Light’s stronghold of Barton, the Sisterhood repeatedly warned the city’s inhabitants to change their ways… or else. The people of Dee ignored the warnings and finally, in 00221ax, they announced that the city was to be utterly destroyed. The Sisters gave the inhabitants plenty of warning, and even assisted those needing help vacating the city. The inhabitants relocated north of the Withelwell River on the coast and vowed to change their ways. The second city of Dee became one of the nicer Calvert cities and was never visited by the Sisters in anger again.

Dragon of Dee (Carol Phillips)
Dragon of Dee (Carol Phillips)

DEE, DRAGON OF: Ancient creature of the Kanan deep who lived for ages in a vast underwater cavern. Uncovered during the building of the Main Library at the University of Dee, the “Dragon” as it came to be called was quickly found to be an intelligent and docile being. Quickly adopted as the University’s mascot, the Dragon lives in a Cloaked pool in the Main library, making many friends and assists all who come to it for help.

DEEDEE:  Slang name for the Dare D3D4 compressed gas series of pistols and rifles that fire a hardened dart instead of a bullet.  The DeeDee was the predecessor of the Dare SK pistol currently used by the Stellar Marines.  It was replaced and religated to aftermarket use for its slow rate of fire and limited range.  The DeeDee is often used in Calvert and other places where cheap weapons are in demand.  Despite its drawbacks and limitations, the DeeDee’s hardened dart packs a ferocious punch, can easily penetrate walls and other obstructions and is devastating against armor.

DEEP 7: The Guard tower of Deep 7 is a stronghold of the Sisterhood of Light. It is said the Sisters at Deep 7, a lonely tower in the far south of Remnath, wage a constant battle with the Black Hats, their minds grappled together.

DEUUM, CRITERIA OF: Rigid set of rules and standards used by the mysterious Celestial Arboium to test and admit new members to their order. What the criteria consist of are not well understood.

DIRGE, THE (6): One of the six original Vithian Gifts, the Dirge is ability to control the actions of another by speaking a series of commands. The Dirge was very effective in controlling the Haitathe of old.  Under Dirge, the victim is fully aware that they are being controlled and tend to react rather poorly after the Dirge has been released. A secret council in 00001ax tried to have the Dirge declared illegal, but the Sisterhood of Light refused, stating that the Gift was valid and safe. The use of the Dirge is considered exceedingly rude and even Black Hats tend to eschew its use, favoring other “illegal” Gifts.

DJINN: Elements of earth, fire and water who can, after long periods of time, become sentient beings.  Maiax, the Great Elephant of the Bodice, was a Djinn.

DROGBA: A series of firearms produced on Bazz, usually of .45 caliber or smaller. The Hospistaler sect of The Jones on Bazz often carry Drogbas.

The Drury Brothers (Carol Phillips)
The Drury Brothers (Carol Phillips)

DRURIES, THE: An ancient band of wretched pirates from Inaari on Onaris. The Druries were comprised of four brothers: Chance, Clem, Innocent and Lemmuel. They operated in and around Onaris, flying a beaten up Webber-Class ship called the Heade-on-the-Hearth. They were especially notorious for their ruthless nature and cruel reputation, made all the more frustrating as they were adept at falling on the weak and helpless, creating situations that favored them, and always managing to elude those sent to stop them. They were said to have been sunk in space in 002157ax after a convoy was sent to lure them into a trap; however, the Druries returned in earnest shortly thereafter. They soon developed a ghostly reputation. Hell would not have the Druries, some said.

DRURIES BELT: A 45 million stellar mile thread of polarized gas that once was used by stellar travellers traversing the distance between Kana and Onaris as a navigational aid. As navigation techniques improved and a Standard Shipping Lane between the planets was established, Druries Belt was relegated to obscurity.  A band of infamous pirates known as the Drury Brothers once stalked prey in the area near the thread, giving it its name.

DRUSILLA, MAIDEN OF THE SILVER POOL (03188ax–): Hulgismen female and clone of Sygillis of Metatron, Drusilla lived in the pitch darkness of Sygillis’ temple for years, scrabbling about mindlessly, knowing only fear of the terrible figure sitting high above on her dark throne. Serving as Sygillis handmaiden, Drusilla tended to her personally, vaguely knowing that any wrong move could lead to her death. It was Drusilla who put the black bow in Sygillis’ hair—the bow that would help lead to her salvation.

When Sygillis vanished and the temple turned to silver, Drusilla’s eyes opened. Having an usually strong psychic connection to Sygillis, she could see and feel, in some small way, what was happening to her aboard the SEEKER, and she wrote out their mythology and saw Captain Davage as a “god with a golden sword.” Tough-minded and strong Drusilla became the leader of the Maidens of the Silver pool, able to control and shape the Silver tech flowing down from Sygillis’ old throne. Under near constant attack from beyond the temple walls, she and her order, using Silver tech, would repair the breaches in the walls.

When Captain Davage entered the Silver Temple, Drusilla, knowing him from her connection to Sygillis, instantly fell in love and tried to seduce him. Davage, entreating them to flee Metatron, it was Drusilla who piloted the temple away into the stars. Lacking in navigation, they drifted about for a time before finding a suitable, populated world. There, they settled and took husbands and wives from the locals and prospered.

All except for Drusilla. Every night, she would walk to the top of a nearby hill and stare forlornly at the night sky, at the stars, praying for one to fall, as Davage had fallen into the Silver temple. She was never able to forget him.

DURMAN, WARRIOR OF THE SILVER REALM (03188ax): Hulgismen male, Durman was the cloned son of Sygillis of Metatron. Mindless and brutal, Durman had been used by Sygillis in many of her battles and he had killed a number of League marines and Sisters. When the darkness of the temple cleared, Durman’s eyes opened and he became of the Leader of the Silver Warriors, riding the silver Eeorts into the heights. Courageous and strong, Durman would lead the charge in defending the various breaches blasted into the temple walls by the army of Shadow tech beasts trying to get in. Durman also converted the Silver Temple into a starship, ready to leave Metatron and find a quiet peaceful life elsewhere. He fought alongside Captain Davage and even killed a Black Hat. When they finally escaped and found a home in the stars, he took several wives and fathered over a hundred children, naming many of them Davage, after the man who had fallen from the sky and helped save them.

DURST, HOUSE OF: Vith: A Vith Great House located in mountains to the far north, House Durst was an old family inhabiting an ancient Vith chapel. Their holdings being fairly close to those of House Blanchefort, the two Houses were continuously allied with each other through the ages. House Durst clung to the old ways a bit more than their progressive Blanchefort friends and they never renamed themselves after the coming of Teacher-Lore spread through the Great Houses, each renaming themselves in Old Earth stylings. Additionally, they clung to the Vith tradition of name tags: the males in the line being named “tha”—as in Lord Dortha, and the ladies being named “line”—as in Lady Hathaline.

The last seven daughters of Durst were: Medaline, Analine, Bellaline, Syndaline, Garaline, Jonahline, Hathaline.

The LosCapricos weapon of House Durst was the CRANIMER, an odd weapon whose lore was lost to the ages.

In 00197ax, Lord Hruntha of Durst married Lady Eva of House Tilbert (she then being renamed Evaline in the Durst tradition). They had six daughters and it appeared that the long standing name of Durst was heading for extinction with no male heirs. They tried again, and finally had a son who was born dead. In pain over their loss, their friend Sadric, Lord of Blanchefort, presented them with a beautiful baby girl with green eyes and bade them raise her as their own. Hesitant at first, they soon grew to love the beautiful girl and named her Hathaline.

Failing into ruin, House Durst expired, though Davage, Lord of Blanchefort, kept their ancestral castle in good repair and tended the grounds hoping that, on day, a New Durst would rise and return home. Three hundred years later, Therin of Colt, a descendant of Durst, broke from his House and declared himself and his wife Dursts. Returning to their ancestral castle they found Davage of Blanchefort and his Countess Sygillis waiting there to welcome them—a promise made years ago finally fulfilled.

copyright 2015, Ren Garcia

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