OCULAZE: (Remnath: Occulazm)Arcane device used as a substitute for the Gift of Stare. An Oculaze can detect lies from truth, the hidden intent of a person and, in some cases, hidden secrets. An Oculaze, depending on the quality of its build, can be extremely accurate in its assessments. Those made in Remnath are known for the quality of their construction, while those turned out in Calvert and  on Bazz are mere novelties.

Map of Onaris (Carol Phillips)

ONARIS: Tenth Planet in the nearby Nu Torriander system and sister-world of Bazz. Onaris and nearby Kana were considered the first two planets in the League. A lovely green and gold world, Onaris was a mostly agrarian place populated by Browns, a hard-working, practical people of the Calvert line, the Blue Vith influence being more associated with Kana. Onaris has a rather small land to water ratio, with one central continent surrounded by a huge, extremely deep ocean called The Great Onaris Abyssal, known locally as the “Big Blue”. The continent is divided into three main areas: North Pinthrop, South Pinthrop and Calvertland. The largest river on Onaris is the Hearth River, which is also the longest in the League.  Onaris is home to the largest mountain in the League–the Lone Rider, which is so tall  its summit breaks low orbit and was once used as a Fleet hard dock.  The chief cities on Onaris are Tharpolli, Fig, Tusck, and Inarri. Onaris has one huge moon, Inthacron.

Onaris uses the callo as its standard monetary unit. Per the SBL, 10,000 Onaris callos equals one solaris.

ONDINE RIVER: Large river in the mountainous Westron region of Bazz. The Ondine is the deepest river in the League, bottoming out at 2,467 feet. It also has the fastest currents.

1000 CARAHIL PARK (One Thousand):  Large wooded park located on Xandarr on the banks of the River Torr.  It features one thousand statues of the elemental spirit Carahil of various sizes. It also has a gift shop and candy store that is said to have amazing items for sale.  It is said if one touches all one thousand statues on the nose, Carahil will grant that person a wish in his gift shop.

The Duke of Oyln and his Duchess, Torrijayne (Eve Ventrue)
The Duke of Oyln and his Duchess, Torrijayne (Eve Ventrue)

OYLN, HOUSE OF: Esther: Great House of Esther founded in 3491ex by Terfal of Oyln Spring. A drifting, down on his luck ex star-farer, Terfal had nothing left to his name but his great whip, the FENNISTER. Arriving in the region of Effington, he learned that the area was being terrorized by a fierce monster inhabiting the swaps. Promising to slay the beast, Terfal took his whip and went into the swamps. Two days later he emerged with its head. Fame and wealth was heaped upon Terfal and the House of Oyln was chartered and patented. A traditional Dukedom, the House of Oyln had controlled up to twenty Great and Minor Houses through the years, the current total is two: House Ruthven, House Welk. The current Lord of Oyn is Fallsworth and his former Black Hat Dutchess, Torrijayne.

They have ten children: Terfal (M), Stephanina, Garnett (M). Manuela, Vernetta, Deneb (M), Vann (M), Tulee, Valletta, Harkness (M)

copyright 2015, Ren Garcia

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