4-D tattoo orbiting around a dirty courtesan's head in the city of Tusck (Carol Phillips)
4-D tattoo orbiting around a dirty courtesan’s head in the city of Tusck (Carol Phillips)

4-D TATTOO:  An advanced tattoo that is pre-programmed to perform any number of effects given the correct circumstances arise. A 4-D tattoo, depending on the complexity and skill of the 4-D’st, can do virtually anything, such as change colors, change shape, appear and disappear, and create images that orbit the body. Various sects and organizations wear 4-D tattoos that only appear when members of that sect are in close proximity to each other. The Sisterhood of Light makes use of very advanced 4-D tattoos to mark those of certain quality, such as highly empathic, telepathic, TK’ers and tropists–these tattoos only the Sisters can see.  A 4D’ist is a person who is skilled in the art of applying a 4-D tattoo to a person.

FALCONER (City of the Falcons): City located in the northern continent of Brindval in the Northerm Swarm at an altitude of 9054 feet.

FAMORA: People of Moedron, oft spoken of but never confirmed. Moedron, a moon of Planet Fall, is slowly falling into the planet due to a collision with a comet in 000277EX and is currently in an orbital path several thousand kilometers within Planet Fall’s outermost cloud layers. As such Moedron is one of the most inhospitable places known in the League. The Famora are said to be descendants of a colony that once thrived on Moedron, but was abandoned as the moon was swallowed by Planet Fall after the comet strike. The Famora are said to be endowed with nether-human abilities due to the harsh nature of Moedron. There is, currently, no confirmation the Famora exist other than as fanciful tales.

FAZO: City in the southern Calvertland region of Onaris. Site of a former convent, Fazo’s semi tropical climate and positioning by the sea have made it into a popular tourist and resort city. Though only the fifth largest city on Onaris, it is by far the most prosperous due to the tourist trade. It is also the traditional nesting ground of the Onaris Leatherback Turtle, a large marine turtle that comes in every summer to lay their eggs.

FEDULA: Sword (House Prentiss):The FEDULA of House Prentiss looks like a well-made rapier. Though it is a light, fast weapon, it strikes with the weight and apparent mass of a much larger and heavier sword.

FENNISTER: Other (House Oyln)The FENNISTER is a strong metal whip about ten feet long. When correctly used, the FENNISTER can stretch out to about a hundred feet. The FENNISTER will also, without fail seek out the head of a victim and lop it off with a single stroke. Armor and shielding is largely ineffective against it. The only drawbacks of the FENNISTER are that it is fairly slow to use and it is extremely noisy.

The Fiend of Calvert, as witnessed by Lord A-Ram (Carol Phillips)
The Fiend of Calvert, as witnessed by Lord A-Ram (Carol Phillips)

FIEND OF CALVERTA crazed killer, the Fiend of Calvert stalked the streets and alleyways of the Calvert region of Kana, killing an untold number of people in a time period of roughly fifty years.  The Fiend’s usual victims were sailors, merchantmen, drunkards and other such riff-raff, the method of killing: strangulation, sometimes bludgeoning.  The victims were also invariably men, no female killings in the area could be attributed to the Fiend.  For years there was a cloud of fear hanging over the docks and wharfs of Calvert—any man could be the next victim.

The Lords of Calvert had no luck in tracking down the Fiend, or in hindering his activities.  Hat in hand, they petitioned the Lords of Zenon and Esther for assistance, but got no real help.  A number of self-styled sleuths from various corners of the League went to Calvert in an effort to smoke the Fiend out and discover his identity, however, none had any success.  Lord Plaid from Hala was killed by the Fiend, he being one of the few non-Calverts to fall victim to him.  Angry and frustrated, the people of Calvert gathered in Calvert Square in protest and to demand justice, their protest quickly turning into a riot.  Lord Gerald Catherbaum, a local lord and staunch advocate for Calvert decided to take matters into his own hands. He had heard of the daring exploits of a vigilant from the north, a man known as the Mad Lord of Walther.  Seeking this Mad Lord out, Catherbaum, out of his own money, paid him to come to Calvert, discover the identity of the Fiend and eliminate him.

The effort paid off. The Mad Lord of Walther, uncovered an underground vault near the ruins of Woodward in Remnath full of zombies that came to be known as the City of the Dead.  Investigating, the Mad Lord deduced that these zombies were all missing men from Calvert, thought to be murder victims of the Fiend.  Setting himself up as bait, the Mad Lord eventually encountered a shadowy person in gray who tried to strangle him.  Reveling himself, the Mad Lord took action and pursued the Fiend across the rooftops of St. Edmunds , where the Fiend managed to escape.

That was the end of the Fiend of Calvert, for he was never heard from again, thus ending fifty years of murder and mayhem.  Years later, the Mad Lord would recall his battle with him on the rooftops in his memoirs, swearing that the Fiend of Calvert was a woman in gray.

FINDUCER: A complex bit of neural programming. A finducer creates nerve induction in living beings simulating the Sense of touch. Advanced holograms are often programmed with finducers allowing them to feel absolutely real.

FINTRON: A hologram extensively programmed with an array of finducers, allowing them to impart a sesation of feeling to a living being.

FLEXIPHONE: Arcane device of Xaphan origin that replicates the Gift of Cloak. Often worn in  the mouth, the Flexiphone can completely alter one’s appearance, and, in some cases, their thoughts as well. Well-made flexiphones can make the user believe they are a different person while worn, allowing them to evade mind scans or even the Gift of Stare.

FOUNTAIN LOCK: Primary city of Tubruk. City composed of dozens of spacing vessels lashed together in the lower ionosphere, with more being added at a regular basis. The city districts are named in honor of the vessels making up its structure.

FOX SHRINES/PARKS: A sacred animal in Elder religion is the fox, which supposedly bore the soul of the Elders. Foxes spoke to the Vith long ago and allowed them to communicate with the Elders. There are a number of fox shrines set up all over Kana, Onaris, Hoban and Bazz. Most large cities have a fox park with a large fox statue carved looking up at the stars.

FRET SCAN: Method developed by the Science Ministry to determine the presence of Gifts of the Mind. Often used in criminal investigations where use of Gifts is suspected.

FRUNDAGE:  Scale of status in League Society based on the amont of possessions one owns or commands.  In the rules of Frundage, having an excess of money may or may not grant one an A-List Social status, as possessing “in-style” items trumps mere wealth.

FUUMALUU: Other (House Hooper)–The FUUMALUU  is a small soapstone carving coming in various colors.  It resembles a vauglely man-shaped figure generally lacking hands, feet and a head.  Small and diffcult to detect, the FUUMALUU may be left in various locations for long periords of time.  There, they will remain untill triggered.  The FUUMALUU may be given complex and specific instructions which they will follow until otherwise commanded.  When triggered, the FUUMALUU grows to man-sized and attacks with great hardness and strength.

copyright 2015, Ren Garcia

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