NADINE: A type of deciduous tree native to the northern reaches of Kana. Typically, a black, rather knobby tree with compound, fern-like leaves, the wood of a nadine tree is very “stringy” and, in a complicated process, can be boiled down and spun into a strong textile. The sap of the Nadine tree is rich in complex sugars, though the sap is mildly poisonous. With proper harvesting and boiling, the poison is rendered out and a fine syrup is produced that may be used as a sweetener or the base of a distilled spirit called Morninglow.

Carahil created figurines that performed a number of special effects based on Nall Tech (Carol Phillips)
Carahil created figurines that performed a number of special effects based on Nall Tech (Carol Phillips)

NALL TECH:  Small, cube-like devices of unknown composition created by the Sisterhood of Light.  When the infamous Fanatics of Nalls were defeated, a small number of them and their equipment were taken by the Sisters to Twilight 4 for examination.  The Fanatics had invented a series of small figurines that had the ability to counteract Shadow tech, the Sten, the Dirge and the Point.  The Sisters then created the small, squashy cubes that eventually became known as Nall tech.  Field testing by the Hospitalers proved very successful, and the black, white, silver and speckled cubes became standard issue for the Hospitalers and the Stellar Marines.

NALLS: An “upscale” Xaphan city located on the large asteroid Zoran 6, Nalls was one of the largest cities in Xaphan space. Home to a mostly affluent population, Nalls was also home to a number of powerful Black Hats.

NALLS, FANATICS OF: An upstart sect-for-hire composed of disaffected Xaphan youths, the Fanatics of Nalls sought to become the premier secret sect in Xaphan Society. To that end they, pooling their vast resources, created a number of novel devices and accessories designed to nullify or counteract the Gifts—especially illegal Black Hat Gifts. They also perfected several variations of standard Gifts, the most notable being the Box—allowing many Fanatics to “hide” inside of one. They also claimed to have discovered the secret of the Hulgismen’s immunity to the Sisterhood of Light, though this was never proved. Hoping to throw the Black Hats aside, their battle tactics were mostly designed to combat them. Loud, arrogant and supremely confident in battle, they wore their hair spiked and bright red, though they often Cloaked themselves to appear as the person who hired them.

The major flaw in their scheme was that they geared themselves mostly to fight Black Hats, and, when confronted with an un-Gifted trained armed force, such as the Stellar Marines, they found themselves unprepared and were quickly decimated.

Hired by Princess Marilith, they set out to kill Sygillis of Metatron because she was soon-to-be engaged to Captain Davage, a man whom Marilith stalked relentlessly. Stealing into Castle Blanchefort, they were engaged and defeated. Their Main Force, including Princess Marilith herself, were Boxed into “trinkets” in their pouches. There, they waited until the time was right to strike. They were amazed when they were taken aboard the Triumph, the League’s brand new top-of-the line starship. Seeing a great opportunity, they emerged in force and struck, quickly killing the ceremonial crew. Then, using the new matter/energy device, they thrust themselves aboard the three escort ships, taking over the BLUE MAX, and crippling the CAROLINE. Now, armed with two ships, Marilith and the Fanatics sought to destroy the SEEKER. Inexperienced, the SEEKER was able to elude both ships and badly damage the Triumph. Meanwhile, the crew of the BLUE MAX were able to re-take the ship and, facing two starships, the Triumph retired from the area.

Before they could get away, the Triumph was infiltrated by Sygillis of Metatron, she wanted to face Marilith and settle their dispute once and for all. There, the Fanatics initially subdued Sygillis and began to torture her. In agony, her soul darkened and she struck out with all of her power, the force of their battle knocking the Triumph out of the stars and crash landing on the rain swept world of Gelt. There, Sygillis, out of her mind, impaled every last one of them on Shadow tech stakes—Princess Marilith included, so it is said.

Thus, in one awful battle, the Fanatics of Nalls passed into extinction—their knowledge and lore lost forever.

NARGAL: Powerful, legendary creatures said to be created through conjuration and abjuration.  Most conjured Nargals are kept as powerful slaves, others escape their bonds and roam free, either helping or harming depending on their disposition. Carahil of the Celestial Arborium, though often described as an Elemental Spirit, is often thought to be a powerful Nargal.

NAS: Knife (House Albans)A small jeweled knife with a glowing blade, the NAS is a very effective and possibly lethal weapon. It is one of the few LosCapricos weapons that is available for use outside of its creating house, being small and effective it was quite popular with Ladies of Standing and courtesans as an easily concealable weapon. A wound from a NAS, no matter how small, will gush blood and will not stop until Hospitaller intervention is applied. A victim may bleed to death from the smallest of scratches if proper aid is not administered.

NETHER DAY:  An important holiday celebrated all over the League commemorating the arrival of the Elder Kind on Kana.  Nether Day is a family-oriented holiday where far-flung family members all gather together, share a grand feast, and then engage in a full game of bowling.  Gifts are sometimes exchanged, however only the feast and the bowling are true staples of the holiday.  Nether Day on Kana is celebrated on September 42nd.  On Hoban: October 3rd.  Onaris: September 33rd.  On Bazz: August 28th.  On Planet Fall/Tubruk: September 19th.

NIGHTMARE: Other (House Monama)-A black hair pin set with a large facetted crystal, usually an obsidian or similarly dark jewel, the NIGHTMARE of House Monama is, most likely, the most feared and despised of all LosCapricos weapons. Used primarily by women, the NIGHTMARE is said to control nothing less than the fabric of reality itself. A Monama matriarch wearing the NIGHTMARE may bend reality to her desires. It is said the Sisters closely watch House Monama and, any use of this device outside of their stronghold will bring a swift and deadly reprisal. It is a well hidden secret that the Fleet has been marshaled to confront House Monama many times, the NIGHTMARE being taken very seriously by the Sisters.

The Paramel lantern is one of the 25 Noab artifacts, (Carol Phillips)
The Paramel lantern is one of the 25 Noab artifacts, (Carol Phillips)

NOAB: 25 artifacts given to the Sisterhood of Light by each of the Elders before they passed away in the EX time epoch. The Noabs are known to exhibit amazing power and are kept under tight control by the Sisterhood in their stronghold of Westron. Most of the Noabs are not known to the general populace of the League, however a few have been seen in public on various occasions. The Paramel (a lantern), the Wyster, (a book) and the Colimer ( a chest) have been identified.

The Noabs are all said to possess a will of their own and an occasional capricious nature. The Paramel lantern is known to have “escaped” from the Sisters’ clutches on several occasions and hide itself in the League. It hung as an ordinary lantern on Goddown Street in the city of Saga, where it provided wisdom and insight to those walking in its beam. It also famously hung in the Halls of Ethers in Alderveryl Convent in the city of Kanajana on Bazz. On all occasions, the Sisters reclaimed it. Other Noabs might also have escaped from the Sisters, but they are not known to the League.

NTH: Gun (House Belmont)

The NTH pistol of House Belmont (Ewelina Dolzycka)
The NTH pistol of House Belmont (Ewelina Dolzycka)

An elegant, long barreled pistol, the Nth of House Belmont is a greatly respected LosCapricos weapon. The Nth is said to be capable of killing anything, no matter what the victim’s form or composition. A common nick-name for the Nth is “Ghost-slayer.”

NYKE:  A versatile Shadow tech poison used by the Black Hats, Nykes can be used in a variety of ways.  In its most simple form, Nyke is a dripping black goo that can be used to smear on a weapon blade–the Nyke cannot be wiped off and nor does its potency decline with use.  Other, more advanced Nykes can be made to look like most anything and can function in a near limitless variety of ways: Nykes can be area-affecting, can be breathed in as a gas or used as a contact poison.  A contact Nyke does not have to break the skin to kill.  Nykes can also be timed–either killing immediately, or set to kill days, weeks or years later.  An entire branch of the Sisterhoold of Light was nearly wiped out by a contact Nyke in 00053ax.  Since then, the Sisters have become adept at sniffing Nykes out and counter-acting them.  There is no antidote for Nyke poisoning, other than being cured by the Sisters.  Those with powerful Gifts may sometimes prolong the effects of Nyke poisoning.

NYOS SPHERE: (nyos, Gallian for: The Watcher) The legendary Nyos Sphere is an arcane ball of shiny metallic construction ranging in size from a gumball to a small house. They are found only on the Isle of Sarbrug-Hold on Bazz. and are feared by the locals for their ability to inflict harm and create chaos to those who encounter them. These sphere’s appear and disappear with regularity, seemingly attracted to moments of strife and misfortune. Additionally, they are, via unknown arcane means, able to record these horrific moments and make them happen again. For example, if a Nyos sphere experiences a fire, they can make that same fire happen again at any point in the future. Encountering a Nyos Sphere will, invariably, cause it to recall some horrible moment from its past. Nyos Spheres are known to have recalled natural disasters, including floods, fire, earthquakes, and lightning, monstrous creatures, and individual people, regardless if they are alive or dead. The creators of these objects are not known.

copyright 2015, Ren Garcia

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