Member of the Order of Lacerta (Carol Phillips)
Member of the Order of Lacerta (Carol Phillips)

LACERTA, ORDER OF: (qv: Black Sisters) A supposed group of disaffected Sisters who have been removed from the Sisterhood of Light. It is not generally known how the Sisterhood of Light polices itself or disciplines its members and the mysterious Order of Lacerta is thought to be a group of Sisters who have, for whatever reason, left the Sisterhood and ply their trade throughout the fringes of League and Xaphan space. Members of the Order of Lacerta are said to wear a sort of inverse costume of the Sisters—black wrappings around their arms and black, lacy gowns. They are also said to be extremely hedonistic, addicted to things like clothing, food, illegal drugs and sex, and are also quite chatty apparently regaining the use of their mouths. They are also said to use their considerable powers for personal gain in a mercenary fashion, selling themselves out mostly as bodyguards and soldiers for hire. They can be exceptionally dangerous in battle should their attention turn in your direction. They are in a continual struggle with the Sisterhood, which actively pursues them.

LACERTA THE MIDNIGHT (02784ex, 01010ex): Youngest child of Lord Homma of Telmus Falls and his Queen Emmira, Lacerta was said to be rather tall like her mother and was strikingly beautiful with blue hair. Like her siblings, she was devoured by her father in 2010ex. Lacerta was known as “The Midnight”, though it is not clear what that name refers to. Lacerta is the direct matriarch of the House of Xandarr.

LAMBS, THE: Officially known as the Order of Chaste, the Loyal, and the Supportive, they are a sect of societal B-Listers and bitter rivals of the more prestigious Ballwigs. Unlike the Ballwigs, who delight in rejecting men and breaking hearts, the Lambs’ goal is to console, advise and, if possible, marry society gentlemen. They are generally considered matronly B-Listers in Kanan society, much less beautiful, wealthy and glamorous than the Ballwigs. They often seek out gentlemen whom the Ballwigs have targeted and offer support in their time of grief. The Lambs are well-liked for their charity, community work, and approachability. They are headquartered at the Church of the Chaste, a small monastery on the outskirts of Bern.

LANA-LOMAX: A mythical House of Cammaran lineage, Lana-Lomax is suspected by the Sisterhood of Light of possibly being real. Per ancient texts, the House of Lana-Lomax de Carmargo was the ruling household of Mons Eagle, the capitol city of Cammara during the DX time epoch. When the Elders moved on from Cammara at the beginning of the EX time epoch, the House of Lana-Lomax stayed behind, not wishing to leave Cammara. However, facing madness in Mons Eagle, Lana-Lomax fled Cammara at a later date, drifting through space where they eventually made their way to Kana, the current home of the League.

Per standard lore, Lana-Lomax are immortal, though their outer extremities are not and must be replaced periodically. The have perfected a “soft porcelain” that they wear over their immortal skeletons giving them a perfect, radiant appearance, though their teeth appear “old” and unnatural. That, per the texts, is the surest way of detecting a Lana-Lomax, by checking their teeth.

LASER LOCK: A type of firearm created by the Xaphan House of Holly firing a trademark “Smart Bullet” that rides a laser beam to the target. The nature of the Smart bullet requires the target be lased with the laser until the bullet makes impact.  At short to medium range the accuracy of the bullet is infallible.  At longer ranges, the Smartbullet can be foiled by other lasers. The Laser Lock is one of the few Xaphan technical innovations to be copied by the League, as the Grenville 40L also makes use of a Smartbullet.

LASERUM: Traditional folk dance common to the Brown peoples on Onaris. Highlighted with pounding drums and sensual dancing, Laserums also make use of a strong laser that moves with the beat of the music.

LEBIN SALT PLAINS: A horrid flat plain of salt where Black Hat trainees are sometimes sent to test their endurance. The Lebin Salt Plains do not exist as a physical location–it is an illusory place created by the Black Hat Painter Elmora of Dann. It is such a convincing illusion, those in it can die from their experience.

LEMMURIA: Home of the Elder-Kind during the AX Epoch of Time. Little is remembered of the world, its lore lost to the ages.

LEMORA: (Beta Pers) “Crone’s Eye” Red 2.1 magnitude star located in the constellation Serpens Minoris as seen from Kana. Lemora’s proximity to the Magnitude 1 star Penta often makes it difficult to see with the naked eye, though it is easily visible with any type of magnification. On clear evenings in the Kanan north, when conditions are favorable, Lemora can be viewed without aid–such evenings are called “Crone Nights”, and considered bad luck. Vith mythology states when the Black Abbess was chased from Kana, she plucked out one of her own eyes and placed it in the night sky to ever watch the doings on Kana.

LENNIBUS (02262ex–??): The eldest son of the great Vith lord Homma of Telmus Falls and Queen Emmira, Lennibus participated in many battles alongside his father against the Haitathe. When his father went mad and began devouring all around him, Lennibus survived and rallied to defeat him along with his brother Terfal. Roaming the north, Lennibus was said to have taken a Haitathe warrior as a wife and founded several Vith Great Houses, including the House of Blanchefort. Lennibus is credited with inventing the CARG of House Blanchefort. His ultimate fate is unknown.

LLAG:  (Love Lock Automatic Gun) A large caliber automatic pistol originally designed on Onaris but whose design was copied many times and prolific in Xaphan space.  The LLAG was a simple, sturdy and reliable weapon with a slow rate of  automatic fire (40 rounds per minute).

LOCK’S RIDGE:  Small canyon at the southern end of the Croatoan Mountain Range near the Hemdale Forest on Hoban. Site of an ancient battle between two Houses contesting for the rulership of the planet. In modern times, the canyon is thought to be cursed. Those speaking out loud hear their voices returned to them, only distorted and snide, often adding or deleting words and occasionally foretelling the speaker’s death. The tradition on Hoban is to say nothing when passing through Lock’s Ridge.

Lon, Lord of Probert (Eve Ventrue)
Lon, Lord of Probert (Eve Ventrue)

LON, LORD OF PROBERT (03216–) (–)Calvert/Remanath: Lord Lon of Probert was the youngest son of Lord Milos of Probert and Lady Branna of Fallz (in her second marriage). Typically “Probert” in appearance, Lon was a round, shy boy, however, he had fully inherited his acclaimed parents intelligence. He had his father’s engineering skills and his mother’s insatiable curiosity and was clearly her favorite son. A painfully shy boy, Lon, through his parents, became friends with Kabyl, Lord of Blanchefort and his cousin, Lord Phillip. Though outwardly round and uncoordinated, Lon was trained at an early age to be a master with the CEROS, the LosCapricos weapon of House Probert and the Pitcock Wonder Gun, or his mother’s House.

Accompanying Lord Kabyl on his quest two save Lady Sammidoran of Monama, Lon proved his worth, being an invaluable asset in both battle and in thought. Through his actions he won the respect of Thomasina the 19th of Waam and her Singing Ten. Visiting the ancestral home of Lt Kilos on Onaris, Lon quickly won the affections of Kilos’ sister, Maia of Tusck, though he was nearly six inches shorter than she was.

In the Temple of the Exploding Head, Lon again proved his skill as a warrior, but, through treachery, met his end. His funeral in the city of Arden was a sad and well attended event.

A year later, Lord Lon suddenly reappeared—he saying he’s been on sabbatical in the city of Tantan. Reuniting with Lt Kilos’ sister, Maia, Lon would soon make her his Lady.

Devoting his fertile mind to the Monama problem of Berserkacides, Lon soon discovered the secret of the Heart trigger buried deep within them, and, shortly thereafter, invented a cure, ridding the Monamas of the Berserkacide scourge forever.

Shooting up, Lon soon lost his Probert roundness and became a tall, stately Pitcock-looking gentleman, almost as tall as his wife, Maia.

LONE RIDER: 1)–A towering mountain located in the South Pinthrop region of Onaris. At 488 miles from sea level to summit, the Lone Rider is by far the largest mountain in the League. In the days of the Old League, the summit of the Lone Rider was used by ships in orbit as a port and hard dock. 2)–A mythical figure from the antiquity of Onaris, any of several heroic male figures of great power. The old hero Billus the Knave was thought to be a Lone Rider.

copyright 2015, Ren Garcia

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