Map of Greater Waam (Carol Phillips)
Map of Greater Waam (Carol Phillips)

WAAM: Large Xaphan city on the planet Gothan founded by the House of Clovis in 000003ax. Huge and fairly up-to-date, Waam was one of the nicer, well-planned Xaphan cities. It is ruled fairly by a municipal parliament. Waam is best known for being a trading city along the Xaphan merchant routes, and for the “Flying People of Bondar”, a municipality of Waam. The city lives in terror of the hundred plus Black Hats that make it their home, including Ethylrelda of Waam and Torrijayne of Waam, who had a penchant for abducting and torturing children. Before Ethylrelda of Waam became a Wandwilla, her giant spherical temple slowly rolled about, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. When the space station Zall 88 was destroyed, many of its burned and blackened shards fell down on Waam. The odd design movement known as “Bondarunga” was created first in Waam.

WAFT, The: (1) One of the original six Vithin Gifts, the Waft is a form of teleportation. A Wafter can Waft anywhere within their line of sight. The Waft is almost always accompanied by a rushing blast of wind. Wafting while touching another living being can be very dangerous, as the Wafter will find such a touch extremely tiring. Wafting can be easily counter-acted with the Waft-lock, a shield that will prevent a Wafter from passing through it.

Wandwilla (Ewelina Dolzycka)
Wandwilla (Ewelina Dolzycka)

WANDWILLA: A bizarre creature known in Xaphan space. A wandwilla is a fusing of a Shadow tech male and a Shadow tech female—usually a Black Hat—into one. If the two are allowed to touch for too long, they will never be apart again, welding themselves into a large, tree-like creature, forever dreaming in ecstasy. There is thought to be a hidden world where the Black Abbess has collected all known wandwillas—there they live in a sort of forest. To fall asleep in this forest is said to cure any malady known, including insanity. They produce an odd pod-like fruit with remarkable properties.

WANT, HOUSE OF: Remnath: Old Remnath House located north of the city of St Paris, the House of Want possessed technology un-dreamed of, even surpassing that of the Elders. They were thought to have discovered the method of creating Elder Brightstones (something the Sisters and the Science Ministry had never been able to achieve, even after hundreds of years of research).  Harassed by the Sisterhood of Light for their knowledge and inventions, the House eventually left the League, relocating to parts unknown in 000011ax.  Certain scholarly teachings place the House of Want at Emmira, an ancient Elder-Kind homeworld.

WAYRETH:  Second planet of Dione Ardemus, Wayreth is a distant Xaphan world settled by the House of Tardy in 000013ax.  Though remote from the rest of the Xaphan Swarm, Wayreth is a bountiful planet, often thought to be the “Green World” promised to the House of Bodice before they were exterminated on Midas.  Wayreth has been the target of numerous Xaphan attempts to invade it, however its remote location has, for the most part, protected it through the centuries.  The House of Tardy, left to itself, has devoloped an independant culture and generally does not participate in Xaphan activities.  The largest city on Wayreth is Salonmi.

WEDDING, THE: A grand, highly publicized event intended to re-unite the League and the Xaphans in 03112ax. Lord Sadric of Blanchefort, a powerful and highly placed diplomat had always argued for ending the long-running League-Xaphan conflict. Most in the League thought the idea amusing, but nothing more—the League had always fought the Xaphans, and they always would. But Sadric had the ear of the Sisterhood, and, through his constant chiding, began parroting his notion of somehow ending the war.

But how…how to do it?

Being a consummate Society man, Sadric mused the best way to do it would be to bring the Xaphans home, to re-introduce to the teachings of the Elders. The best way, he thought, to do that would be a wedding, a grand wedding of a great Xaphan House and a great League House. Sadric pitched the idea to the Sisterhood and they agreed and the idea began to take hold and, just maybe, such a thing could work.

Sadric then took the idea to the Xaphans…and they agreed. They insisted on a few things first—primarily that they would select the League Great House. Sadric agreed.

The House of Xandarr was immediately appointed to be the Xaphan representative, and, specifically, Princess Marilith of Xandarr. She and her large contingent then began touring the League as she searched for a suitable husband. Her party was met with great acclaim, and, initially, Sadric’s plan appeared to be working.

There five principle candidates initially selected:

  • Sixtus, Lord of Grenville
  • Milos, Lord of Probert
  • Davage, Lord of Blanchefort
  • Dirken, Lord of Vincent
  • Oberlin, Lord of Conwell
  • Valient, Lord of Dare

Princess Marilith quickly and publically denounced Probert because he was too Brown and not handsome enough. Soon thereafter, Conwell was thrown out because she didn’t like their castle—not Vith enough. She then put Grenville, Blanchefort, Dare and Vincent through a series of tests—Vincent quickly dropping out due to his “lack of smarts.” Dare quit after nearly being killed during a test. Eventually Davage, Lord of Blanchefort prevailed and was slated to marry Princess Marilith in a huge ceremony.

On the day of the wedding, as the grand jeweled baton made its way up the long chain, it was suddenly stopped, held for a moment, and then thrown down with a clatter. Lady Pardock of Blanchefort, Davage’s sister did it and then she pulled Davage from the chapel. She explained that she had seen through Marilith, that she was a crazed, evil, maniacal woman who would lead the League into darkness. As word of this got out and details of Marilith’s dark plan came to light, she fell violently out of favor and literally had to shoot her way back to Xaphan space

WEED, THE: A complex, moist form of polyphyletic mold native to the planet Brindval, “The Weed” is a growing problem in both League and Xaphan space. The Weed, appears as a moist, yellowish grouping of spores that grows readily in damp, warm areas such as forest floors, fallen logs and underbrush. Throughout its life cycle it secretes a slightly toxic alkaloid oil that readily penetrates the skin upon contact. Once in the bloodstream, this alkaloid quickly goes to the brain where it has a massive psychedelic and psychotropic effect on the central nervous system. The person subjected to the substance then experiences a series of powerful hallucinations, mixed with feelings of euphoria and a distinct hyper-sensitivity to touch.

The Weed is a dangerous fungus, causing permanent damage to the eyes, nose and skin if allowed to remain in contact for too long. If The Weed gets into a person’s lungs, it is quickly fatal. The presence of Weed spores in the eyes tends to turn the iris varying shades of purple, blue and yellow depending on the toxicity. Prolonged contact in the eyes leads to blindness. The Weed, when in contact with the skin, creates an odd, heavy smell which also has alluring properties.

In 000491ax, a tax rebellion took place on the newly colonized world of Brindval. A group of rebels demanding tax reform known as the “Tantan 12” took to the forests to hide from roving authorities. As they crouched in the humid underbrush, they all quickly became infected with a slimy, yellowish mold that they found growing there. Not having access to medical facilities, the Tantan 12 tax rebels determined to allow themselves to remain infected until such time when proper treatment could be applied.

The rebels quickly discovered something extraordinary. They found, as they had intercourse in the woods, that the presence of the fungus significantly enhanced the sexual act. From that modest beginning, “The Weed” quickly spread from Brindval and the “Dirty Courtesan” was born.

In its most common use, The Weed is applied to the genitals and allowed to grow for a time. A person having intercourse with one infected with The Weed will find themselves quickly stimulated to unprecedented levels. Dirty Courtesans often apply a thick water-based gel to their skin and then place The Weed on top of it to protect themselves from the dangerous effects of the mold and keep their head clear. Certain places such as Carina 7, Rostov on Kana and Planet Fall are known for creating highly stylized strains of The Weed of varying levels of potency. Anti-fungal agents are very effective at killing The Weed and removing it from an infected person.

A “Weedout” is a term for a person hopelessly addicted to the effects of The Weed, and that number is growing steadily. An “Easy” is a person who cannot resist the “smell” of The Weed. A dreaded sect of Dirty Courtesans from Planet Fall called The Erynes are renowned for their ability to extract deeply held secrets, implant suggestions and alter consciousness in their victims. The powerful strain of The Weed they use turns their eyes crimson red.

WESTRON: The Sisterhood of Light’s large walled-in, tree-filled complex at Westron stands at the southern reaches of the Great Vithland mountain range. It was said that Westron is a nexus of sorts, allowing Sisters to come and go from various distant points of entry. The Sisters house the 25 Noab artifacts at Westron.

WESTWOOD: Unconfirmed city claimed to exist by the Pilgrims of Merian, a city they believe is located on the Star of Merian itself. They claim it is a wondrous city defying usual description, a place where the Elders reside and make their thoughts known. The city has no name that the Merians are aware of, they refer to it as ‘Westwood” because it is located west of a great forest. It is the goal of all Merians to one day go to Westwood and never return.

WHAMIC:  Whamic is a Black Hat scourge that is rapidly growing in League space.  Whamic is a form of viral or spam holo-mail that does not attack your terminal or hardware, instead, it attacks you.  Whamic is infused with an altered form of Shadow tech and is capable of being transported holographically.  When opened, Whamic may do virtually anything.  Monsters may jump out of your holo-terminal and attack, invisible demons might take up residence and cause you no end of grief or you might be hopelessly mesmerized into performing activities not of your own making.  The Black Hat’s usual antagonist, the Sisterhood of Light, was completely unprepared for these holo-attacks and had to turn to the Science Ministry for assistance.  The Science Ministry was largely successful in purging most bits of Whamic  from the holoways, however, some of it still gets through.

The “Mad Black Hat” Wilhella Cormand-Grande of Waam is the known inventor of Whamic.

WHISPERS (qv: Silver tech Familiars): Pastel-colored Silver tech familiars invented by Lady Poe of Blanchefort.  Whispers perform a cloaking function, mimicking the Gift of Cloak. Whispers provide one with invisibility and soundlessness, including thermal, X-Ray, and Gamma. The more Whispers are present, the better and uncrackable the cloaking becomes. The Cloaking is known as the Whisper’s Veil, and all those within the Veil may enjoy its protection. Lord Kabyl of Blanchefort, with his renowned Sight, could not see through a Whisper Veil consisting of twenty Whispers.

Unlike most Silver tech Familiars which have a finite period of time before they fade away, Whispers can come in a device, also invented by Lady Poe, known as the Whisper’s Locket.  With the locket, Whispers can last indefinitely.  

WHITE EMILIA: Species of common, flowering plant related to the common daisy native to the southern areas of Kana especially in and around Lake Monama. The stalk and leaves of the plant are tough and fibrous and have a very dark green, almost black appearance. The white flower appears in a radial pattern, consisting of 13 ray florets surrounding a black disk floret in the center. The flower is well known for being highly toxic prior to the flower coming into full maturity. White Emilia does very well in shade or low light situations. Due to its tendency to kill most insects coming to drink is nectar, the flower is often used in Monama mating rituals, signifying the fatal nature of the Monama “Trials”.

The Tree of Life with the Windage of Kind at the bottom (Ewelina Dolzycka)
The Tree of Life with the Windage of Kind at the bottom (Ewelina Dolzycka)

WINDAGE OF KIND: Asssemblage of disaffected beings inhabiting the “Bottom of the Universe” seeking to create chaos. Demons. Elemental Spirits kicked out of the Celestial Arborium for upsetting cosmic balance are often sent into the Windage. The Windage is said to be a forlorn collection of industrial-type buildings with many dark windows.  It is said to be inescapable.  The meaning of its name is not known.

WIND WALKER: Powerful creatures thought to hail from alternate dimensions and who walk the plains of existence with impunity. The infamous Cat God Mabsornath is a notable Wind Walker.

WIRGUILD: A public petition sent to the Sisterhood of Light for the purposes of waging revenge against a certain individual or House. The Sisters review the Wirguild, determine if it has merit and then approve or disapprove. If approved, a copy of the Wirguild is sent to the person or House in question so that they may be made aware and defend themselves. The most recent Wirguild approved by the Sisterhood was issued by Lady Vendra of Cone against Lady Jubilee of Belmont-South Tyrol. When Vendra began attacking Jubilee’s son instead of her directly, the Sisters revoked the Wirguild and incarcerated her. Oddly, most Wirguilds applied for and issued in the League, by far, are by women against other women.

WITHELWELL: The longest river on Kana, running approximately three thousand miles north by east, emptying into the Sea of Esther. Its source is a spring deep in the Great Armenelos forest. The Withelwell is a blackwater river, with its slow current and fed with tannins from the swamps of southern Esther and tree carcasses from the forest. The Withelwell marks the divide between the traditional lands of Esther to the north and Zenon to the south.

WOOLOVER, HOUSE OF: Barrow: Prominent House of Barrow located in the city of Saga. The Woolovers, always a stern matriarchal House, saw the city of Saga falling into decadence after the passing of the Elders. One of the last Elders, Auld, gave Thomasina I of Woolover the plans for a powerful club called the MT CALM and bade her protect the people from sin. And Thomasina did, becoming known as a fierce prohibitionist. Her roving groups of singing, club-wield ladies, known as the “Singing Ten”, became feared for their determination and soon, Saga was cleaned up. Ever after the name of Thomasina became known for temperance and moderation—bought at the end of a club. During the Great Betrayal, The House of Woolover, lead by Thomasina 5th took a small fragment of the House to the Stars with the rebellious Great Houses of. Their goal was to continue spreading word and news of the Elders—self-sacrifice is an Elder tenet. There, they settled on several Xaphan worlds, including Gothan, Charn, Ferd and Wunderland. Over the years, they lost contact with the main House in Saga and, though they continued to preach Elder religion and remained matriarchal in nature, they became rather Xaphan-like, fierce and savage. Thomasina 19th of Waam fell deeply in love with Lord Phillip of Blanchefort and relentlessly pursued him trough Waam and, eventually, back to the League, refusing to take no for an answer. Though resistant at first and bitterly opposed to Thomasina kidnapping him to church as she was wont to do, Phillip relented and they eventually married.

WUMALAAR: Legendary beast of Sisterhood lore. The Wumalaar will, it is said, come on the last day of the League and reveal all of the Sisterhood’s secrets. In modern usage, a Wumalaar is anything that a Sister fears.

WUNDERLAND: Xaphan world in the Canopus-Zeta system settled by the House of Conwell in 000001ax. The largest city on Wunderland is Vain. Wunderland is often thought to be a “Planar World.”

WUNDERLUCK, HOUSE OF: (Remnath) The House of  Wunderluck are a modern off-shoot of the much older Remnath House of Jocanda. The Jocandas were infamous for declaring war on the Sisterhood of Light during a contentious land dispute (the rightness or wrongness of their position has been lost  over time). The Sisters were, and still are, the defacto rulers of the League, and the Jocandas ill-advised “war” with them plunged their House into the dregs of Kanan society (The derogatory term “Jo-Boy” stems from this war. A Jo-Boy is a foolish person doggedly engaged in a fruitless or ill-advised task with no hope of success.)

The House of Wunderluck (From Left to right: Ernst, Clara, Rusty, Aiken) Sketch by Carol Phillips

Slowly, the Jocandas, relocated to the hills outside of the city of Wiln, died out, with several of their progeny branching off forming their own new Households, including the Storrs, the Wilners, and, most notably, the Wunderlucks.


The Wunderlucks’ on-going credo is to restore prestige to their line, to erase the stain of the old Jocandas and to become the premier House on Kana and the League at large by any means necessary. Their most immediate goal is to fill their empty coffers with treasure. The concept of Frundage, or “collecting” is an important status measuring stick in the League, ie, the more you have, the more status you obtain. All of the great Houses possess massive stockpiles of treasure, land-holdings, arms, arcane items, vehicles and beasts. The Wunderlucks had virtually nothing when their House was formed, and they have, ever since, been acquiring any item, pile of junk, dogged-out vessel and arcane device they can get their hands on. Some of these items they purchased, others they quested for, and most they simply stole. They make no bones about theft, in fact they boast of it. The arcane item they are after the most is the legendary Oberphilliax, which they have laid claim to many times.

The Wunderlucks are unmistakable out in public. They wear garish spacing suits of shocking red, trimmed in blistering yellow, usually with a proud “W” emblazoned somewhere on their attire. The girl, Clara Wunderluck, mostly wears slinky, off-the-shoulder dresses and chain-smokes Wolf menthols. Wherever they go, they make a point of calling out the local hero and starting a brawl.

They are mercenaries for hire, lending out their services whether they are wanted or not. Aiken Wunderluck is the front man and spin-doctor of the group. He is adept at keeping his ears open, at hearing hidden conversations and discovering opportunities to acquire treasure or fame. Once they are on to a promising lead, they are difficult to be rid of. Their usual tactics include being as verbose, rude, obnoxious and haughty as they can, finding the low road they choose to tread upon to be much more productive than engaging in usual decorum. Beating them or imprisoning them accomplishes nothing, they are undaunted by defeats, humiliations, censures, and getting cast out of certain areas–they consider these things victories. Aiken Wunderluck can spin a humiliating defeat or shocking scandal into a resounding victory in the public’s eye.  This “burn all the bridges” attitude has earned them few friends and a host of enemies, but, it has succeeded in making a notorious name for themselves. Any fame is good fame in their eyes. Clara Wunderluck has proved herself a master of reverse engineering arcane items and creating easily produced knock offs that function in a temporary or limited capacity. She has replicated the Progenitor’s Skull, various dimensional jars, and, most notably the 10th Finger of Zahuti. None of these items are as potent as the originals and only work for a limited time, however, the fact she can do these things has provided added income for the House and more infamy to their name. Her brother, Rusty Wunderluck, is a name in the Xaphan underworld as a smuggler and League traitor, with a number of sleezy  contacts in the darkest of Xaphan ports. He is often able to obtain illegal Xaphan items, most notably the Midas Hemolizer assassination weapon, which he doesn’t hesitate to use in battle.

The final brother, Ernst Wunderluck is a mouth-breathing bore and blunt instrument of the group, always eager to cause a scene in public. He is known for his hatred of the Monama peoples to the southeast.

WVULGROM: An unreal, hypothetical person from an alternative time stream.

copyright 2015, Ren Garcia

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