RED HAW: Other (House Milton)A sadistic weapon that can be set and left to ambush a victim, many Houses have petitioned for the RED HAW to lose its LosCapricos status. It is a four inch long brass capsule usually decorated in the Onaris style. Contained within the capsule are five tightly contained lengths of coiled wire, and when the capsule opens, the wire lengths savagely uncoil and twist about, resembling the growth of a hawthorn bush. Anything caught within this cloud of twisting wire is horribly killed.

REMAX: Powerful painkiller developed on Bazz with dreadful narcotic properties. During the Time of the Cronyn, the people of Bazz were subjected to injuring themselves and needed a calming painkiller to assist them until medical aid could be administered. Remax was thought to be the answer. Easy to administer, pain-killing and calming with anti-biotic properties, Remax created a sensation on Bazz when it was first made available for use, however, its highly addictive side-effects became clear shortly thereafter. The narcotic was promptly declared illegal, however, its recipe found its way to Xaphan space where it continued to be produced in great quantity. The term “Balled Out” was coined in reference to those under the influence of Remax. A “Baller” is a person addicted to Remax.

REMNATH: 1)–Tribe of Man which settled in the south of Kana symbolized by the helmet.  Stately and law-giving, the Remnaths are the statesmen of Kana.  Noteable Remnath Houses are: Grenville, Want, Pitcock Cone and Gelder.  2)–Region of Kana in the southern continent characterized by rolling hills and warm climate.

Most Remnath households mint their own currency known as the solaris.  The Remnath solaris is used by the SBL as its monetary standard.

REVENATA: Custom in Esther and Zenon where Great House family members disguise themselves as a departed ancestor in order to argue a point of contention or to prevent a change in the Household.

REVIRGIN: (qv: a woman made back into a virgin) In various arcane texts, an Elder female virgin is said to possess many abilities that are lost as viriginity is lost. There are also various arcane practices which can give the energy of virginity back to a womam, to make her into a “ReVirgin”.  The practice is well-known in Xaphan Cabalistic rituals. The practice is illegal in the League.

RIPCAR: Class of small, fast vessels capable of both planetary and near-orbit celestial travel. A ripcar generally is a fairly small craft seating no more than eight to ten passengers. They are generally quite fast, very maneuverable, space-worthy and almost never have an enclosed crew compartment, relying instead on containment fields to shield the occupants. The Cavort-N7 class of ripcars used by the Fleet were noted for have a very modest crew compartment and could be rather harrowing for the novice to ride in. Vehicles that are not space-worthy, or have enclosed crew compartments are generally referred to as Sub-Orbitals or Floatcraft.

ROSTOV, HOUSE OF: Calvert: Decadent House of Calvert descent, the Rostovs were forced from their priginal home near the Calvert city of Bezzel with the Sisterhood of Light. They settled by the western sea in the wilds of Remnath and there built the black city of Rostov, a place known for excessive vice and gambling. Eventually, the city was reborn under the leadership of Lord Phender of Rostov and became a respectable city, never to be visited by the Sisters in anger again.

RUMALORE: A registered piece of disinformation regarding LosCapricos weapons. LosCapricos weapons traditionally must be registered with the Sisterhood of Light. The Sisters must be informed exactly what the weapon in question does, however, a Rumalore may be filed, allowing the House to circulate disinformation regarding the capabilities of the weapon. Example—the NAS of House Albans was said to create wounds that would bleed forever, and that only the Sisters or the Hospitalers could stem the bleeding. The relentless wounding power of the NAS was a Rumalore, as small, shallow cuts inflicted by the NAS would indeed stop bleeding on their own after several hours.

RUMBOB: A diluted form of Shadow tech that has been mixed with any number of salves and waxes to soften its toxic nature. Rumbob is often used as a basis for various potions and other unsavory elixirs, most commonly related to the creation or alteration of emotion. Rumbob is highly emotive and can be forcibly infused with emotions, such as love, anger and fear. Once Rumbob has been infused with emotions, it is difficult if not impossible to clear it and re-infuse–“Rummy” is a term for infused Runbob.  Rumbob is illegal in the League and is often sold as a contraband product.

RUNDLEPHARGE:  Term used in Learned Circles to refer to a person proved to be immortal.

RUTHVEN, HOUSE OF: Calvert: An old Calvert House Minor, the Ruthvens long ago lost a battle with House Oyln and became subjugated to them. The arrangement proved to be mutually beneficial and, by modern times, House Ruthven became virtually interchangeable with House Oyln, living under their roof and wearing their fashions. The only thing left of their identity is their LosCapricos weapon, the SAPP.

RUTTERJOHN:  An arcane painting made from blood-based paint once used by the Vith to mark the passage of time. A Rutterjohn changes as the subject changes, including clothing, hair style and color, significant facial scarring, and any Cloaked disguises. The Rutterjohn was meant to combat the Gift of Cloak which was being used to excess. In 0003002EX, the Sisterhood of Light confiscated all Rutterjohns as arcane objects falling outside of Elder teachings and made the practice of creating further Rutterjohns illegal.

copyright 2015, Ren Garcia

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