GALLIA, PRINCESS (of Emilia-Stone, qv: Princess Galla), Bazz: Fanciful character of both Kanan and Bazz lore, Princess Gallia was born in the CWC of Torrvenveld Keep on Kana and was known as Princess Galla. Fleeing from a Reventor curse, she relocated to the newly terraformed world of Bazz where she became known as Princess Gallia of Emilia Stone. She was betrothed to the great Bazz hero, Darius Jones. Jilted at the altar, Princess Gallia was said to have refused to leave the altar until Jones returned to marry her. While she waited, she performed a miracle every day for several decades.

Princess Gallia was said to be a giant with twenty arms. Stories tell of various heroes pulling her arms off, each arm transforming into an exact replica of the Princess. Per the Scribes of Trimble, one of her arms became betrothed to the Xaphan warlord Vai of Sorrander. She was then killed and her parts stolen by Queen Ghome of Trimble. The killing of Princess Gallia II, as she was known, caused Vai to go to war against Queen Ghome, leading to her defeat and ouster at the Battle of the Tomb.

GALLICONS:  Religious order that began in 002122AX on Bazz.  The religion centers on a large predatory creature called the Gallaian Torr, a giant, bear-like beast that roams the plains of Gallia, south of the Endax Sea.  The Torr’s natural food stocks became depleted two centuries prior and the Torr was headed for certain extinction.  Being beautiful creatures, the people of Gallia went on a crusade to save them through conservation and importing game animals to supplement the Torr’s diet. The Torr rejected the game, showing an eager taste only for human flesh, as it readily devoured any Gallian it could capture and kill.  The Order of the Gallicons was formed shortly thereafter, dedicating themselves to the worship, care and feeding of the Torr.  They began trucking in criminals, disreputables and other people from all over the League and Xaphan space not likely to be missed and fed them to the Torr.  On those occasions when there are no other victims available, the Gallicons select one of their own and offer them up.

GALVATAR: Other (House Midas) –A forbidden weapon, the GALVATAR comes in many forms. It has been seen as a large purse, handbag, suitcase, steamer trunk and cursed closet. From within the depths of the GALVATAR, no matter what form it takes, a user may pull any other type of LosCapricos weapon. These “Galvatars” as they are known, are fully functional and transcend gender and other usage restrictions imposed upon genuine LosCapricos articles. A Galvatar may be identified by their coal-black appearance. The only LosCapricos weapon not reproducible by the GALVATAR is the NIGHTMARE of House Monama. The Sisterhood of Light, in 00024ex declared the GALVATAR illegal and attempted to confiscate and destroy them, however, they were unsuccessful in purging all of them.

GASOL: An effervescent non-alcholic drink commonly consumed by children. Gasol comes in a variety of colors, with each color tasting slightly different.

GASTON WAY:  Remote passage through the North Vithland Mountains that starts in the foothills north of the city of Arden  and proceeded north for approximately 2000 miles, before turning sharply to the west and exiting into the sea at Mt. Holly Cape.  Due to the proximity of several Sisterhood of Light Strongholds, namely Atilan, Westron, Bell and Pithnar, airspace travel is severely restricted in that region of Vithland.  The Sisterhood designated the Gaston Way as a permissible route of passage free for all to make use of provided travellers remain  level with or below the mountain peaks while using it.  For twenty years, starting in 003192AX, the Gaston Way was occasionally haunted by a frightening spectral creature said to harass travelers and disable their vehicles.    The existence of the “Wraith of Gaston” was never confirmed and was never seen again after 003215AX.

GAZZ, FRATERNITY OF: Group of stellar mariners who have a deep knowledge and familiarity with the dangerous Hedgepeth region of space.

GELLAR: 1–Old family of Tartan origins exiled from the League in 000443DX. Gellars are capable of controlling and influencing thousands if not millions of people within a given geographic area. Those under the control of a Gellar experience a collective sort of consciousness and have difficulty separating themselves as an individual from the collective mass. Several Gellars attempted to colonize Onaris in 000022EX and were forcibly beaten back by Elder forces led by the Sisters. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

2–Gellar, or “Acquisition” Magic is a school of mystical thought in the League, along with Psy and Vortex magic. It follows the principle that, by acquiring powerful objects and material wealth, one increases one’s mystical power and influence over one’s surroundings. A Gellartron is a collection point of mystical objects and is a focal point in Gellar magic.

GELLARTRON: A collection point of Acquired mystical energy, a Gellartron was in the EX Time Epoch, usually a large structure, like a fortress or castle. Those living within it had “Gellar-like” abilities to control people, animals, plant life, and even the weather. Additionally chambers could be created inside a Gellartron that were portals to other far-away places. Most Gellartrons were located in the north with the Vith, though some Remnath Households also possessed them. The Sisters were uncomfortable with the growing power of the Vith and sought to deactivate their Gellartrons through ruse and guile, which they were successful and they were forgotten in Vith lore. The Sister are said to have kept the technology for themselves and their strongholds of Valenhelm, Kurtis, Kentaro, Attilan and Westron are active Gellartrons It has been rumored the Gellartron at Old Castle Bloodstein  has been reactivated as well.

GEORGE WIND: Sword (House Hanover)A light, sabre-like sword usually made of folded brass, the weapon, in the hands of a trained master, would float and fight by itself.

GHOME: Class of Xaphan star-faring ships created by the House of Charn. The Ghome-class of ships were medium to large size and are generally associated with the Golden Age of the League/Xaphan conflict. Ghome ships are noted for their dissimilar appearance from one type to another. The various Ghome ships were very comparable to the old League Webber-class ships, but were badly outclassed by the Straylight and Triumph-class vessels. The Ghome 101, a large, battleship-shaped vessel, was a favorite mount for Princess Marilith of Xandarr. The name Ghome is taken from Queen Ghome, a former Charn ruler.

GHOME, EDICTS OF: A series of benevolent proclamations issued by Queen Ghome II of Charn in 000904AX.  Queen Ghome had ruled Charn with an iron fist for over two hundred years, when, suddenly, she disappeared from public viewing and began issuing a series of proclamations via her consort Marist Vehelm of Clovis. The Proclamations were very kind and inspired–quite unlike the brutish and reactionary Queen Ghome of old. These Proclamations became known as the Edicts of Ghome and ushered in a golden Age in Charn history. During this time it was assumed Queen Ghome had died and was replaced by a different person, who became known as Queen Ghome II, the Just.

GHOME, QUEEN OF TRIMBLE (000701AX-001204AX)(Vith): Tyrannical ruler of Trimble who helped touch-off the first great conflict with the League.  League history books state there were three rulers of Trimble named Ghome who ruled back to back:

Queen Ghome in her deadly Garden of Zama (Carol Phillips)
Queen Ghome in her deadly Garden of Zama (Carol Phillips)

Ghome I:  Mysterious woman of great beauty and charm who married into the House of Sevarr and became ruler of Trimble. A ruthless tyrant, even by Xaphan standards,  she was courted by countless men, most of whom she robbed and killed. It is generally understood that she murdered Queen Xo of Trimble and became the sole ruler.

Ghome II: The second Queen Ghome was very placid and passive in comparison. Queen Ghome II attempted to undo much of the chaos and misery inflicted by Ghome I via her long list of benevolent proclamations known as the Edicts of Ghome.

Ghome III:  A hedonist and tyrant much like Ghome I, Ghome III bankrupted Trimble and involved them in a feudal war with the House of Sorrander and the BMQ, a sect of fanatics determined to seek revenge for the killing of Queen Xo. She was defeated and assumed to have been killed at the Battle of the Tomb.

In some Xaphan circles, the claim has been made than all three Ghomes (I, II, and III) were the same person making her over six hundred years old at the time of her death.

GODS OF CAMMARA: In old Vith lore, the Gods of Cammara were advanced, seemingly magical people who had mastery over death and time. They were thought to be ancestors of the League and guardians of the Universe. The Sisters, in 000045AX discovered the Vith’s association with them and outlawed their lore. The Gods of Cammara are all but forgotten in modern Vith culture.

GODS TEMPLE: Temple located in the arid backwater of Xandarr know as the Valley of the Moons, near the Torr River. A former temple dedicated to Mabsornath, the Xandarrian goddess of destruction, it was re-made into a “marketplace” of the gods. Pilgrims seeking the temple must walk, starting at a small chapterhouse on the banks of the Torr and then journey overland for a day into the desert. The temple is located in a spur of a destroyed mountain. Inside is a confusion of statues all depicting a different god where pilgrims may commune with the deity of their choice and beg a favor.

GOODBYES, TIME OF: Period of time after an Elder-Kind reaches 220 years of age. As the Elder-Kind live young and disease free, they generally do not know when they will die. Death often is sudden and without warning. Normally, after an Elder-Kind reaches 220 years old, they can die at any given time. The Time of Goodbyes is a ritual where a person reaches out to all of their loved ones and friends and says goodbye, just in case they might not live to see the next day.

GOSHAWK: Fleet of four black, illegal vessels operated by the Duke of Oyln and his Black Goshawk Gang. The Goshawk was a smallish vessel, about fifty feet high and one-hundred, fifty feet long, with accommodations for several crew quarters and a small cargo hold. The Goshawk was built with a high, shoulder mounted wing that was swept-back at an acute angle, giving the ship its iconic “bat” shape. The Duke of Oyln was long thought to be a prolific pirate in the Esther area and had the vessels commissioned to replace the more motley fleet of ships he was using earlier. The Goshawks (designed by Lady Rhondo of Probert) were built to be fast, maneuverable, tough and well-armed with Xaphan energy-weapon technology. The ships were packing a host of illegal technologies, and surpassed all League restrictions imposed on private yachts regarding thrust, safety provisioning and armament. Additionally, the Duke paid no taxes on his ships and therefore kept them hidden in carefully crafted revetments. Assessors from the League office knew full well that the Duke of Oyln was hiding a fleet of “hot ships” somewhere in Esther, but could never find them.

The Goshawks participated in the defense of Xandarr during the infamous Black Hat Purge of 03191ax and were revered by the people for their role. Balor, King of Xandarr eventually purchased three of the four ships and placed them on proud display in a memorial park on Xandarr. He also used them as a model for a rebuilt Xandarr defense fleet. The Trelaine, a class of fast Marine attack ships, also designed by Lady Rhondo of Probert, looked remarkably similar to the Goshawk.

The fourth Goshawk was purchased from the Duke by Peter of Ruthven, a former member of the Black Goshawk Gang, where he used it as his personal craft (League restrictions had eased in the following years and it was then legal to own).

GOTHAN: Influential Xaphan world in the Omicron-Thetis system settled by the House of Clovis after the Great Betrayal. The most important city on Gothan is Waam, occupying a northern continent. Popular sentiment on Gothan has leant to talk of leaving the Xaphans and petitioning the League for admittance, however such notions are kept quiet as the Xaphan leadership will never allow such an important and distant world to leave.

GRAMPA: Axe (House Vincent)The GRAMPA is a five-headed axe that, when used by a master, could engage five separate targets at once. The problem was that it was so difficult to properly use it often was responsible for the death of its user and was a source of embarrassment for House Vincent.

GRAND ANIMALIUM: As the Elder-Kind migrated through space with the Elders in the AX, BX, CX, DX and EX epochs, the Elders gathered a vast collection of native animal and plant life from a variety of worlds and preserved them in an archive as clonable DNA. Upon arriving on Kana at the beginning of the EX epoch, the Elders found the world oddly bereft of native life—as if it had been scoured from the face of the planet. The Elders built seven Grand Animaliums in secret places across Kana and seeded them with the DNA of these collected species. Slowly, and through an automated process, living animals and active plant spores were released out of the Animaliums, giving Kana life. Some of the life issuing out of the Animaliums are thought to hail from: Earth, Novotar, Lemmuria, Emmira, Cammara, Eng and Morelandson to name a few. The locations of these seven Animaliums are secret, though the Sisterhood of Light’s stronghold of Valenhelm and the dreaded Hazards of the Old Ones are said to rest over two of them.

The Science Ministry and several scholarly groups from various universities have actively sought out the location of the Grand Animaliums, focusing on the one supposedly located near the Hazards of the Old Ones.  It is thought that there are numerous sensory and perceptive protections in and around the GA’s, making their detection near impossible.  No trace of the GA at the hazards has ever been found.

GRANDMASTER: Mysterious entity supposedly charged with determining life and death at a universal level.

GREAT BETRAYAL: Schism of the League, where 20 Great Houses joined the Xaphans in 0000ax. Most of the betraying Houses were of Vith tribe ancestry. The following Houses left in their entirety:

Xandar, Clovis, Stanton, Charn, Griff, Bodice, Zary, Caroline, Waddle, Sorranson, Tardy, Burgos, Holly, Midas, Woodward

The Following Houses are split, some fleeing to the Xaphans, some staying in the League:

Conwell, Tartan, Woolover, Champion, Trimble

GREAT BLUE PIERCE: The second longest river on Kana, The Great Blue Pierce starts at Lake Monama to the far south of Zenon and gently runs north, emptying in the Sea of Atalea.  The waters of the river are known for being a rich, dark blue in color.  The water is also highly infused with minerals due to its limestone bed and is highly prized for the spirits that are distilled from it.  The Great Blue Pierce is also notable for being an extremely deep river, its depths occasionally plunging to two thousand feet or more.

GREAT DORE: Wand (House Zenon) —The GREAT DORE resembles a small silver stick about a foot long that can easily fit in a coat pocket. There is a hidden button that, when pressed, expands the GREAT DORE to about five and a half feet in length. When swung or thrown, the shaft of the GREAT DORE converts into a vigorous plasma state that is very dangerous to the touch. Additionally, the GREAT DORE can sprout a number of plasma arms radiating outward from the center like a thistle seed, thus a single weapon can impale a number of closely packed targets. Those who have mastered the weapon can recall it to them with a wave of the hand.

GREAT WHITE STREAK: (qv: Gala’s Eye) The phenomena known as The Great White Streak is considered to be folklore by the scientific community as it has yet to be proven in any measurable sort of way. It is a dim white line tracing across the northern sky visible only under the most optimal of conditions. It is thought to be a remnant of the Noab Paramel when it briefly hung in low Kanan orbit in 000689EX after it escaped from captivity from the Sisters. The Sisters reclaimed it, however its light was said to remain in the sky. Vith lore states the Great White Streak led Holt of the Mountain to the hidden Haitathe fastness of Sencinerathon.

The best place to see the Great White Streak is reportedly in the Halalands of Kana north of the Ruins of Caroline where light pollution is low and atmospheric turbulence is minimal.

GRENVILLE, HOUSE OF: Remnath: Great House of Remnath stock located in the southwest of Kana in the city of Armenelos. Always an important House, the Grenvilles waged an everlasting “soft war” with House Blanchefort, each house trying to defame and humiliate the other. Sadric, Lord of Blanchefort and Marist, Lord of Grenville brought to rivalry to new heights, with both men endlessly slapping each other socially. Sadric was said to infiltrate posh Grenville parties dressed as a dark, mysterious woman—whom it was believed caught the eye of Herdie of Grenville.

GRENVILLE 40: A class of small, high-powered pistols manufactured by the House of Grenville. The grenville 40 has adapted itself over time to keep up with the latest trends in firearms. The D class fires a “smart bullet” similar to a Laserlock. The M class fires a hardened dart.

GULLE: A small desolate city on the Xaphan Zust, Gulle was abandoned in 03301ax.

GYNOLOGY: The science of controlling, manipulating, enslaving and killing men using sexual stimulation and chemical/hormonal methods. Gynology is taught in many underground schools on the female-dominated world of Carina.

copyright 2015, Ren Garcia

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