JO-BOY:  A rather derogatory term spoken to someone earning little or no respect.  An idiot or moronic personage engaged in a fruitless crusade.  The term originated on Kana and spread throughout the rest of the League.  In 004582EX, the House of Jocanda was forced to give up their holdings in the central hills of Remnath so that the Sisterhood of Light could build their remote stronghold of Sammarcand. Though compensated, the Jocandas never forgave the Sisters and, before the League Ex-Commons, declared war on them in 004590EX. The notion of declaring war on the Sisters was so ridiculous that they were laughed out of the Ex-Commons Assembly Hall.  Though nobody else took them seriously, the Jocandas were quite determined to defeat the Sisters, even changing their House motto to read (translated from Remnath): “The Sisters must be Defeated!”  Their “attacks” on the Sisters usually amounted to mildly annoyng nuisance confrontations.  The Term “Jo-Boy” came into being in 004561EX during the so-called “Battle of Mercia” where Lord Hitchings of Jocanda managed to successfully vomit on a Sister as she ate her lunch at a cafe in Mercia.  Through an interpreter, the Sister later told the media: “I  had sat down to enjoy a bowl of duck soup, when this odd person, this Jo-Boy–for I didn’t not bother to discover his name–pushed through the diners and vomited on my tunic.”  The outcome of the “Battle” was a bill for the laundering of the Sister’s clothes being sent to the Jocandas, which they refused to pay (though eventually, the League Ex-Commons forced them to pay, with penalty and interest).

JONES, DARIUS: (0194ex—0002ex): Bazz: Legendary hero from the city of Ash-Tak on the isle of Sarburg-Hold on Bazz. Jones is generally regarded as an “It” man, a Bazz term denoting a man of great strength and virtue. There are a score of fanciful and exotic tales of Darius Jones, some being more outlandish than others. Jones is credited with: digging out the channel of the Pernel-Lavy river, inventing the volcanically hot cuisine enjoyed on Bazz, and flattening the tall Holykrull-Goiman mountain range. One exploit that seems to have genuine credence is the tale of Jones undertaking a long journey to help protect his people from a strange and unidentified group of beings known as the Cronyns. Jones was successful in quelling the Cronyn influence in 0162ex. Toward the latter years of his life, Jones appears to have suffered from an alteration of the brain, for he stopped wearing clothing and generally put off any who came into contact with him. The tale of Jones jilting his would-be bride Princess Gallia of Emilia-Stone at the altar is retold in modern Bazz lore. His final resting place is not known.

JONES, THE:  A Sub-Order of the Grand Order of Hospitalers located at Helios-Mason, Gallia, on Bazz.  In 002234AX, the Hospitalers wished to further their presence on Bazz, which at the time was a wild and rather unsavory place.  They built a temple at Helios-Mason and named the order “The Jones” after the famous Bazz Hero Darius Jones.  In time the temple grew and became rather distant from the main Hospitaler circle–it had become “Bazz-like” they said in Innari.  The Jones did good work and produced fine Hospitalers, though they began to bear less and less similarity to other Hospitaler Orders.

In 003084AX, they began an odd quest to locate a legendary creature/person named Bellathauser, whom they believe is the pinnacle of human development.  Their quest for Bellathauser continues.

JULETTO: Wand (House Holly)A nondescript wand, the JULETTO may summon severe storms.

copyright 2015, Ren Garcia

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