IBBAANA: (Interplanetary Brotherhood of Barrs, Actuaries, Attorneys, Notaries and Accountants). Guild based in the city of Bern, Kana, whose mission is to recruit and support those of said professions. Though listed as a “brotherhood”, the IBBAANAs also admit females into their ranks. The IBBAANAs throw a yearly ball at the Mortimer Hotel in Bern.

IL HAXAN: (Vith: “The Walker”) Creature of Vith lore, Il Haxan is said to be an evil spirit and harbinger of doom. First noted by legendary Vith hero Holt of the Mountain, he wrote of a shadowy creature hiding in the clouds, following his every move. “It had form, though it was as air, it spoke though it said nothing …” Holt believed that one day Il Haxan would come for his soul, and, above all things, it was the only thing he feared.

Other Vith tales tell of Il Haxan roaming the woods and other dark bowers of the north. Given the telling, they may be presented as vengeful spirits seeking souls or a guardian protecting a dark secret. They are usually described as tall and gaunt with large clawed hands, an obscured face and wearing garments of dark air. It moves quickly, either on land or in the air.

ILLIMINATOR: Wand (House Grimm):A rather despised LosCapricos weapon, the ILLIMINATOR is a hornblende wand said to be able to inflict sickness and disease on the normally robust Elder-Kind.

ILTHATRON: Other (House Sorrander):  An elegant watch fob with a long chain, the ILTHATRON is a handy LosCapricos weapon.  It may bring back any from the death provided they have been dead less than an hour.  The gold chain wraps around the neck of the deceased and pumps life back into their body.  It even heals damage.  Once an hour has elapsed, that is it–the person is dead forever.

IMMORTALITY: The Seventh Gift bestowed upon the Elder-Kind by the Elders, the Elder-Kind are…immortal. The Sisterhood of Light, experts and final authority on the Gifts, however determined that the Elder-Kind could not deal with immortality…their minds could not handle it. The Sisterhood, acting in the Elder-Kind’s best interests, began a secret sect that does nothing but kill of “old” Elder-Kind and Xaphans, usually at around the age of 220. The sect is secret, unspoken of. The concept of immortality is unknown as a result of their efforts. In the Hertogs, the code word for a suspected immortal is: Rundlepharge.

IMPASSABILITY IN TIME: A state in which a person, concept or other type of entity becomes disjointed, or “Impassable” in time. In such a state, that person has always existed or matter when or how recently they were born or created. Certain places, such as the Halls of Mirrors, can impart Impassability in Time upon a person (ie–if a person enters the Hall of Mirror, then that person has always existed). Entities joining the Celestial Abborium as also said to become Impassable.

INDIGO RIVER: Vast, partially underground river on Hoban. It’s source is an underground limestone cave in the Hibernia region. It flows underground for several hundred miles, finally emerging above ground in the Croatoa Region. The Indigo is considered the northern boundary of the Gold Coast. The Indigo is the third longest river in the League.

The waters of the Indigo River are thought to possess unique arcane and healing properties. People stricken with Menk-Sign, often come to bathe in the river and drink the water, delaying and often thwarting the condition.

INTHACRON: Single moon of Onaris. It is an iron/silica-based moon with a small magnetic field. Due to its orbit, mass and high moment-of-inertia factor, Inthacron is responsible for relatively large tidal effects on Onaris. The western Isle of Shudderlocke completely disappears beneath hundreds of feet of water several times a year during tidal events.

INSEROTH: A series of high caliber projectile weapons produced by the House of Varnay in the city of Wiln. Notable for their sheer muzzle velocity and grain size, the ‘D’ series is rather prolific on Kana and on Planet Fall. The A through G series fire.45 caliber bullets of magnum class, while the H through M series fire an armor-piercing dart.

IRONSIDES, RIVER: Major river on the northern continent of Hoban in the Willia region. It is a south-flowing branch of the larger Wotan River. The Ironsides is known for its greyish color due to large amounts of iron suspended in the water.

IT MAN: Name given to men of great power on Bazz. Darius Jones was a notable “It” man from history.

copyright 2015, Ren Garcia

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